Monday, October 16, 2006

September 30, 2006

We visited the Home Show today in a big hurry. We only had 2 hours so we limited our visit to structural stuff mainly. Of course I bought some fudge too :)

We spoke with the Nudura guy about his product. He knows Michael and recommends him. He said we should use their block for the gable ends as well as the straight walls. He also said we won't get an occupancy permit with exposed foam in the basement so we'll have to check into that.

We met with Acorn Timberframes. I really liked their ideas and photos of stuff they have done and we'll keep them in mind. They live in the Valley so a bit farther than the guy we are meeting today which is a consideration. Their prices were actually lower than we expected which is a nice thing.

We raced home in time to meet with Mark from Gillis and Company Timberframes. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. He seems to think we'll be able to go further with our money than we hoped and would end up with a finished main floor and bedroom floor before the money ran out. He liked the building site and had some ideas already. We decided we would like to work with him and signed the papers. He will be sending us a questionnaire soon so we can start thinking about a lot of different things and so he will be able to refer to it when he starts drawing the conceptual design. He charges $50 per hour for the conceptual drawings and we will go back and forth with him via email to make adjustments. We will discuss formal plans if we come up with a plan we like.


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