Friday, August 24, 2007

August 16, 2007

A lot got done this week.

The soffits are mostly completed and look good. I've stained a bunch more siding and I've stained the fascia boards - Copperwash. They look good.

The metal arrived and is being installed. The plan is to do the dormer first including the siding on the sides so no one will have to step on the matel once it has been installed. Kenny and Perry are doing most of that work.

Donnie is installing the exterior board insulation. He says the coated insulation is really nice to work with. Unfortunately Stan didn't order enough and now we have to use the regular styrofoam board to complete it. We've become used to running out of materials before we are done with this project :/

The windows have also arrived and look great. I'm really glad we decided on the beige instead of white.


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