Wednesday, September 26, 2007

September 22, 2007

We noticed the dormer siding and finish doesn't look quite right. On closer inspection the gap between the metal roofing and the dormer siding is really big and visible from the ground. You can actually see the netting, strapping and tape under the siding in places. It looks sloppy. The other issue is that the angled siding is poorly measured and doesn't line up again looking sloppy.

We got a phone call from Stan asking where they could send us a bill. I'm curious to see what it is for. We haven't been satisfied or even acknowledged on the issues we have with the materials we've already received and there is a significant amount of stuff not yet received. Also, there have been items we've been unsatisfied with and Stan said we would work out a credit in our favour later. Later hasn't happened yet despite my calls to set up an appointment.


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