Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January 6, 2008

Donnie finished the pump room and helped Doug with electrical work. Isaac ran the wiring for the phones and computers and is very proud of his work. Apparently this is one of his talents according to him. I painted the cheap outdoor lights we bought.

A concern has been how to install electrical boxes for lights on the plank ceilings. We ran the wires in the tops of the beams prior to installing the ceiling/floor planks but there is no place to recess the boxes so we either need fixtures that cover the box or something else to cover it. Someon online suggested that rather than trying to hide it which will look obvious try to play it up. Put a smaller beam perpendictular to the sturctural beams of the same material and stain and mount the box inside that. I searched for some pictures and it actually looks good. I'm glad we won't be staring at electrical boxes forever or dealing with lamps in each room instead of overhead lights like we do now.


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