Wednesday, April 02, 2008

March 21, 2008

Moving Day!

We were up early for moving day. We had tons of help. Mom, Dad, Larry, Don, Judy, Heather and Sandy showed up. Mom and Judy directed them at the old house and cleaned in between and Heather, Sandy and I directed them at the new house and assembled the rooms inbetween loads. The rest of them went back and forth with the two trucks bringing loads to the house.

The day was cold but it turned out to be a good thing as the driveway stayed solid and relatively clean. We only had on casualty and that was in the first load. A lamp was put on as an afterthought and didn;t hold up to the wind. There was a moment of concern when they lifted our boxspring out of the truck and the wind caught it and took it across the yard. At least it didn't go over the bank. The wind was really strong.

Robie, Juantia and Ben showed up later and Wayne from Donnie's work.

Mom and Judy cooked spaghetti for lunch at Don and Judy's house. It was great to get into an intact house and have a decent lunch.

Isaac decided he didn't want to sleep in the new house until it was more organized so he went with Mema when she went home. By suppertime it was just Donnie and I in our new house alone.


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