Tuesday, December 09, 2008

December 4, 2008

We sat down to talk about the kitchen cabinets. It's a bit nerve wracking because we don't have a lot of faith that we will be able to do this joint project without killing each other. Like Isaac says, "Remember the window well incident?" In that case it was best to work seperately but here I'm the cook so I need to be involved but Donnie is the carpenter so he needs to be involved. He hasn't done cabinets before so it's not like I can show him pictures and he just does it. We need to figure it out. By talking. And working together.

So, we know what we want it to look like. We're both fans of a primitive painted style, inspired by The workshops of David T. Smith. Me because I like the look and I think it will work with the farm house. Him, because well, it looks simple and lie one of the easier options. Maybe he likes it too.

After we agreed on the basics (which were already laid out for the cabinet guy we hired who didn't perform) we decided to go away and think about it and talk again on Saturday night. Yay, date night.


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