Monday, April 23, 2007

April 12, 2007

We attended the Nova Scotia Homebuilders Association seminar in Bridgewater. It was mostly sponsors speaking about what they had to offer but there was a representative speaking about EnerGuide for new homes and R2000 construction. That was really helpful.

A rep from ConserveNS was really good too. He talked about different heating systems and efficiency and insulation, windows etc. He confirmed our decision to use wood to heat the house primarily and electric as a backup. He agreed that a backup shouldn't be something radiant that needed to be on all the time or even something like our current hot water that needed to keep heating up to be available in case we need it. He thought we would be able to heat the new house on as little as 1 cord of wood per year. I find that hard to believe since w eburn about 3 now but we'd be happy if it were true.


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