Monday, April 23, 2007

April 17, 2007

Luckily I told Stan in the beginning that I'm picky. I thought the plans were great but I still had a whole page of notes to talk to him about. Most minor but better deal with them now than leave them.

I decided to move my laundry room to the basement. I know it's not ideal but with our plans to finish the main level only we need to have a bedroom and bath on that level. so we need a stand up shower which means stackable washer and dryer and a very small shower. I think Donnie especially will like the downstairs shower so it's a good thing but I didn't want my laundry room to be reduced to a 3X3 foot area of the bathroom with no place for folding or keeping my cleaning supplies. I'll have a large basement laundry room and it should work considering I often carry my folding to the basement to do while Donnie watches TV anyway.

We noticed the roof over the entry way was a peaked roof and we wanted a shed roof. The windows are all off on the plan which appears to be an error and easily fixed. We decided to put a below grade window on the kitchen side. There were some adjustments to be made with construction materials. We're not using gyprock but it was listed. We changed that to T&G pine. The windbracing and sheathing had to be adjusted.

The kitchen is not what I plan but I'm happy with the shape and size. I'll workon that more later.


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