Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June 15, 2007

I was home today and Kenny, Perry, Dad and Donnie worked on the house all day. They got the first floor on and are ready for the walls. The walls that arrived have an error and had to go back so we're stuck for stuff to do until the replacements arrive. They were supposed to be glued and nailed and they forgot the glue. That was part of our wind protection since we can't use wind bracing with the preframed walls. We had no choice but to send them back to be glued properly.

It's neat to stand on the floor and think about where the kitchen or living room or whatever will be. It's nice to finally see our view at that level too.
We forgot about the extra 12 inches or more from the floor joists and we're now a bit worried about the grade. We want the grade to come as close to the top of the foundation as possible (so 6-8 inches) and that will leave around a foot and a half to the floor level. Right now it look slike we have 3 and a half feet to floor level. We didn't want to put that much top soil or fill back in but it looks like we will have to. The other option is to have stairs going up to the main door but we really don't want that.


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