Monday, June 04, 2007

June 2, 2007

Dad and Larry came up and worked with Donnie and I. The forms were ready to come off and we were expecting the plumber, Paul, after lunch. Paul showed up early which worked out well because the store gave us the wrong plumbing materials.

I headed down to Taylor's to make some returns and pick up some new stuff and then into town to pick up some other things at Kent. Luckily I found out Kent's materials were wrong too *before* I headed home. I made those returns and finally bought the correct tubing at the Elmsdale Home Hardware.

When I got back the volunteers went home and the plumber showed up. It was so hot but we got it done. Donnie and I came back after supper to clean up and do a bit more work.

Tomorrow Donnie goes to his actual job for a break from all this hard work! I get to do the week's housework and get meals ready for next week.


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