Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May 22, 2007

So the news on the well today is that it filled up overnight beyond what was expected which is good. It's only filling at a rate of 1/3 gallon per minute though which is not so good.

At a half gallon per minute you need a reservoir of 250 feet that will refill in 24 hours for a 4 person family. We had 240 feet that apparently refilled in adequate time so they are going to drill down to 360 feet and say it will be good.

The guy also pointed out that we've been living here for years managing on how much water we have and this will be more than our dug well. The guidelines are for things like household use plus seasonal use and recreational use. We don't water our lawn or fill our swimming pool so we're already below the average family in water use and skilled in conservation.

They've also been drilling through quartz for the last 200 feet so no water treatment will be needed which is nice. Gypsum is a real problem in our area and we weren't looking forward to that.

So I guess we have water but sort of anti climactic. It would have been nice to hit a fracture but what can you do? I did tell the guy that I would not be spending the next 50 years of my life deciding if I should shower or wash clothes. He just lainghe and said not to worry.

An interesting note is that the water witch said there was water at 23 feet. The drill hit water almost immediately after adding the 2nd drill (each length of drill goes 20 feet down). That was in clay though and not suitable for household use. Pretty cool though. Now the water witch needs to work on determining if the water he senses is good or not.


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