Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 22, 2007

The walls did arrive. It appears that the OSB was pulled off, glued and renailed. We assumed they would replace it when correcting their mistake but I guess not. Stan came out to loko at them because they looked a bit more worse for wear. He said they were structurally good but it still bugs me that we ordered and paid for new walls and got less than that. We confirmed with the building inspector too. I guess you won't see them in the end and they aren't bad, just obviously not new materials.

Donnie and Perry worked on them Friday afternoon and then Donnie, his Dad, my Dad and my Uncle all worked on Saturday. The strange weather hasn't been helping at all.

The walls pieces were fairly easy to maneuver and work with when they were square. Two pieces weren't square and required a lot of work to fix. Because they were glued and nailed this time they didn't adjust too easily and adjusting them broke the glue. So those two walls don't have the glue as wind protection after all. I think we're going to request some traditional wind bracing because they really should have been done correctly.

Regardless they are up and it's neat to see the views from each window and get an idea of how the rooms will work. It defintiely starting to look like a house. Next step, post and beam structure to hold up the second floor.


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