Wednesday, December 03, 2008

July 3, 2008

The entry way is done! The bench and closet are done although we'll do more with the closet next winter by adding a door. For now it's finished and ready for the final appraisal. The door trim is done and looks great. The door in the dining room is also trimmed but didn't turn out as well. It had to be wider on the right to meet the post and it just looks wrong. We're still thinking about what can be done to look better. The stair landing is done and looks nice and the skylight trim in the loft is finished. They took a whole day each! The trim in the downstairs bathroom is finished as well.
Donnie will be taking a month off to recover from a kidney biopsy so this is the last day before we get the appraisal and close the mortgage. It looks like we're closing without a kitchen!


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