Thursday, January 01, 2009

January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! This will be the year we finish the house. OK, finish building the house. We'll never really be done will we?

Today we were snowed in and we couldn't really open up the garage to do wood work. We mostly stayed close to the couch although Donnie plowed us out and I got the house back to normal by taking down all the Christmas decorations.

That's not to say the kitchen was at a stand still entirely. I got our table out of my kitchen. I moved it into the "dining room" and set up my dining and sitting area instead of the living room set up we had before. Then I measured and marked the island on the floor. We're going to have to drill the hole for the electrical before we go any further or we'll have no way to cook during construction. The old range (that was supposed to get me through a couple of months) has to sit in the middle of the room while we build the perimeter cabinets and then we'll be without it entirely while we build the island.


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