Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 14, 2009

Donnie's plan is to start the island before we go any further with the perimeter cabinets. That meant we had to find the time to sit down and talk about the requirements and make the plan. My original plan is still with the original kitchen guy which isn't very helpful to me now.

The island will be based on the one shown here but we're planning to finish the wood with stain instead of paint. Originally I had wanted red paint but I'm concerned it will leave us with fewer options for decorating because the house is so open. The dark stained wood will let us change the wall colour or living room whenever we want.

The cook top will go to the right of centre, closer to the fridge. The backside of the island will have stool seating. I'm hoping to build tallish milking style stools for that with some round cookies of wood for the seats. Four drawers will be dropped down under the countertop

Under the small side of counter to the right of the cooktop will be a bank of drawers about 15". Under the cooktop itself will be open shelves for pots and pans. That will end at the halfway mark. Mirroring those two spaces in width will be two banks of drawers for plates, glasses and more to the left end of the island.

Maybe work will start next week. This week Donnie seems to be at work all the time.


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