Tuesday, May 08, 2007

May 3, 2007

A busy day!

Donnie spent the day at the house site. Trent and a guy he has working for him showed up to start the excavating first thing in the morning.

Funny, I knew the guy Trent had hired. He hung out with some girls I went to college with and I had to kick him out of residence when I was an RA. He says it wasn't him but I know it was and he has a very unique name so there's no point in trying to hide!

The septic guy came and showed Donnie where he needed to avoid for the septic field and where the trench would need to be dug.

The well guy showed up too. He chose the middle of the three spots the water witch identified. It looks like there could be a bit of trouble getting the line to the house because of a large rock at the site it has to come in.

Trent ended up going home to get his rock breaker and things went much better. It was only needed in a few spots but badly needed. The footing won't be moving as the centre footings for the posts are firmly on a huge immoveable rock.

The hole looks so deep now with the footings dug out. Trent will be back tomorrow morning to finish with the drain.


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