Monday, July 30, 2007

July 27, 2007

What a slow week!

Donnie and Dad finished the foundation insulation. We dug up the ground stone from the well site and used it to fill some of the driveway holes. Donnie puttered around the rest of the week doing small jobs that had to be done. I can't even remember what he finished.

Isaac cleaned up around the house getting it ready for backfilling.

Trent wasn't able to come today so he'll have to do it Monday when I can't be there. I'm thinking maybe I'll get home from work early and meet him before he's done. I know Donnie isn't as interested in how it looks with a finished grade so he's less likely to direct Trent like I will.

The heat has been so intense and the humidity is really high. On Friday afternoon the thermometer read 30 inside and 38 Celcius outside. It was just too hot for working without feeling faint. We took Friday off and most of Saturday too!

Friday we did run errands including paying NS Power. $6200 later they are just waiting for us to notify them when Trent digs the pole-holes and they will come install the poles. The best par tof having power is that Donnie will be able to work in peace and quiet instead of with the generator going all the time.


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