Tuesday, July 10, 2007

July 8, 2007

Isaac and I got home this morning at 6am. I slept a couple of hours and then went to see the progress. The 4X10s are all up and look good. I'm disappointed that the main beam is two pieces instead of one. Stand says this was because we wouldn't be able to handle a full beam of that dimmension but the joint is in the middle of our living area. Not exactly what we expected but Donnie has made it look really good. It's just frustrating to be responsible for fixing something you expected to be new and good in the first place.

I mixed the stuff for the beams - 3 small cans of Minwax Dark Walnut oil stain with 1 large bucket of Olympic water protection. It goes on easily and I got several beams stained today. Donnie is a few beams ahead of me with sanding.


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