Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 22, 2007

Donnie, my Dad and his Dad worked on the plank flooring after Donnie got home from work. They would have been able to finish except there wasn't enough wood! Hopefully we'll be able to talk to Stan first thing tomorrow morning and see what the problem is. There are some small pieces of blue crappy stuff left but it would look terrible because of all the joints that would be necessary and the bad colour. We've already used way more blue stuff than either of us wanted to.

We're less than thrilled with the floors but think we will be able to deal with it by painting our bedroom floor instead of having natural wood.

You can see in the photos how close to the edge they came with the planks. They said it was lucky they ran out because until then none of them had thought about how they would get down after they closed it in. There was no ladder ont he outside wall or anything and it's a long jump down considering it hasn't been backfilled yet.

There are no pictures of the top of the floor because they covered it as they went. For anyone who remembers it will look pretty much like our current floor but not aged. The beams in this house are much nicer to look at and picture shows the ceilings completed. It's hard to tell the size but each plank is about 5 inches wide and the beams are 4X10s and 10X12s.


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