Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 29, 2009

I was stuck at home today because of bad weather. Luckily for Donnie, that meant I was home to prompt him to get going with the kitchen :)

He measured and cut the plywood framing and then Isaac and I helped him assemble them. The island is completely framed and the cooktop installed. When we put the counter top on we'll need to pul out the cooktop for a few minutes but in the meantime we cooked tonight on the new top and it's hot! We only cooked bacon and eggs but it worked! The oven is also installed but we'll test that tomorrow.

We put the countertop in the pantry as well. I didn't pick the pattern - my cousin got it for me for free which makes it perfect- but I like it. It will be much easier to keep clean than the silly plywood. No real food prep goes on in here but Isaac often makes his lunch for school or gets his cereal in the bowl here.


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