Monday, October 22, 2007

October 21, 2007

We got a few things done this week. Donnie and Doug worked on the electrical panel and the mast. Isaac cleaned up and burned scrap wood all day Sunday. Donnie and I planned the loft above the bathroom but didn't really get it started. We're expecting the plumber this week which should get things rolling again.

Donnie has traded with Kenny. Donnie will finish the siding tomorow with Dad and Kenny will do the cutout for the chimney and finish installing the chimney which keeps Donnie off the tall ladder.

I shopped Friday and Saturday. I'm still not much closer to having the bathrooms outfitted. I did pick out an antique sink for the downstairs bathroom and no have to get shopping online for the taps to go with it. I got the name of someone to finish the old tub too. I bought a window with 3 panes like the ones I got the idea for our new windows from. It's going to be a frame of some sort in the kitchen.

We had more company Sunday than we've had since the beginning of the this project! Wanda, Ricky and Madalyn came to visit at lunch time. Then Robie, Juanita and Ben came for a few hours in the afternoon. As they were leaving Claudette, Luke, Poppa and Judy showed up! I was touring the house all day!


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