Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October 27, 2007

Donnie slept at the house last night because we had the doors off for painting. I drove up to meet him in time to see a fabulous sunset.

The red doors look pretty good. We enjoyed breakfast together and worked on odds and ends for the morning.

October 25, 2007

Donnie and Dad finished the siding on the back of the house. It looks really good. They also worked on more wiring and framing this week.

October 24, 2007

The electrical mast is completely installed and the wiring has started. We're still waiting on the plumber but felt we had to go ahead with the electrical while Doug was available.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

October 22, 2007

I went over the whole house with different colours of flagging tape. I marked everything for Donnie and the electrician - outlets, switches and media in different colours. Donnie thinks he'll prefer that to having to think.

It was worth it actually b/c once walking through the house I found some of my former plan wasn't as great as it was on paper. No major errors but little things that could function better now that I had a feel for the house and how I'll use it.

Donnie worked on the last bits of siding and Isaac did some more clean up and burning scraps of wood.

Monday, October 22, 2007

October 21, 2007

We got a few things done this week. Donnie and Doug worked on the electrical panel and the mast. Isaac cleaned up and burned scrap wood all day Sunday. Donnie and I planned the loft above the bathroom but didn't really get it started. We're expecting the plumber this week which should get things rolling again.

Donnie has traded with Kenny. Donnie will finish the siding tomorow with Dad and Kenny will do the cutout for the chimney and finish installing the chimney which keeps Donnie off the tall ladder.

I shopped Friday and Saturday. I'm still not much closer to having the bathrooms outfitted. I did pick out an antique sink for the downstairs bathroom and no have to get shopping online for the taps to go with it. I got the name of someone to finish the old tub too. I bought a window with 3 panes like the ones I got the idea for our new windows from. It's going to be a frame of some sort in the kitchen.

We had more company Sunday than we've had since the beginning of the this project! Wanda, Ricky and Madalyn came to visit at lunch time. Then Robie, Juanita and Ben came for a few hours in the afternoon. As they were leaving Claudette, Luke, Poppa and Judy showed up! I was touring the house all day!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 16, 2007

We met with Stan today. It went really well. He accepted the credits we had incurred so we subtracted those from the contract price. He had no problem with us dropping the pine and wanted to know where we got such a great price. He also agreed with our assessment of the time we incurred fixing the errors made by Stewiacke Truss and we subtracted that from the contract price. We didn't discuss the time we lost due to Stewiacke but we're happy with the outcome of our meeting.

Stan called the window people and our screens should arrive soon. They are also supposed to come look at the two damaged windows asap.

I wrote a cheque for almost $37,000 at the end! We're all done except for $3000. We agreed to hold that back in case we decide to go ahead with his insulation and for a little prtection until the windows are taken care of.

It's nice to be done of the ocntract part. We enjoy working on our own and making our own decisions.

October 15, 2007

Donnie fixed the basement door to cover up the red tape. He used a piece of siding and it looks really good! He also fixed the bottom of the siding on the dormer and it looks nice. The corner still looks like it needs soemthing but we don't know what we can do about it.

I've been thinking about the basement exterior. I hate the look of the black plastic stuff but the insulation is no better. I'm considering lining the exposed foundation with flag stone. I think it will be an improvement. I'm not sure if I can use an adhesive or if it has to just be placed there and held in place when we finish the topsoil.

Beaverbank Insulators came out tonight. The other two companies didn't come through for us. One didn't show and one came out but won't give us an estimate. This guy actually lives nearby and seems interested in the job.

October 14, 2007

It seems like each weekend is busy lately and not much work is getting done on the house. I guess that's part of the back to school routine.

Saturday I had work and Donnie came with me. When we got home we spent an hour or so at the house. Donnie did some more work to the basement door trying to stop the leaking. I think he's fixed it this time.

Sunday I was home and did baking and housework. Mom, Dad and Grammie came up to see the house. Dad's back is still bothering him so he hasn't been up for a while. The progress seemed more impressive to him than it does to us these days.

October 11, 2007

We ordered the plumbing supplies from Taylor. They were only a few dollars more than the supplier Brian suggested in Burnside but they deliver to us for free. We would have to pick up the stuff in Burnside.

Donnie and Doug bought the electrical supplies as well. We're ready to go as soon as the plumbing is done.

October 10, 2007

We ordered the wood for the interior. The price was too good to pass up and we're hoping we don't have to take the wood we contracted for with Stan. Donnie had to stay home to get the wood and he missed Isaac's 1st race but it's here.

October 8, 2007

Thanksgiving Day!

We all had the day off. Kenny came back to work on the siding that wasn't finished and install the big beam in the living room. I'll stain it later but for now it is covered for protection.

Donnie brought down a piece of the wood he salvaged from the old firehall and I planed and sanded it. I'm not sure what wood it is. We've had a few guesses of pine and Dad and I are thinking maybe hemlock. It's quite dark and very wide planks. I still don't know what we'll use it for but we're glad we got it.

October 5, 2007

I spoke with Agnes at Fall River. She said Stan would contact me next week to set up and appointment. I'd really like to get the outstanding bills paid but need some clarification. We're considering a good deal on interior pine but aren't sure if we're committed to buying the pine from Stan that we contracted with him for. We are also considering using an insulation company instead of buying insulation from Stan. Donnie needs to do some research and get some estimates so we can make a good decision.

Donnie has been working building the interior walls. There's only so much we can do because we need to hear from the plumber. We also aren't sure how the space will work. He did get the upstairs bathroom, downstairs bathroom, pantry and laundryroom done.

This day 2 years ago we bought the land for the new house. Last year on this day we sold our house and were committed to moving!

October 1, 2007

It has been a slow few weeks. Several times we expected the plumber to come but it didn't work out. Once he showed up when we were expecting him and we weren't close to home to meet him.

We met with Brian and he is going to order the supplies to finish the well. We need to get Trent back to backfill the well before the winter comes so we need the supplies sooner than later.

Plumbing and electrical supplies are on our list next.

We're still waiting to hear from Stan so we can pay for the extras we bought and determine how he valued the rest of the items on the contract that were not yet received.